Business Profile


Laser Scriber

· Thin Film Solar Cell Laser Scriber
Si/CIGS processing process technology
Laser (UV, Green, IR)
Vision / Laser / PC Control

– Performance : Mecaro (Korea), TGO(Korea)

Secondary Battery Laser Welding Machine

· Secondary Battery Assembly

· Secondary Battery Laser Automatic Welding
Welding rotating the battery automatically and reducing tack time
PLC helical interpolation control

– Performance : Lishen (China)


Inspection System(Optic mini)

· Analysis of Battery welding shape

· pin hole, rusting whitening, cracks, leaks, etc.

· Optical composition & inspection

· scratch, stabbed surface, squashed surface, etc.

· Patent: 10-2016-0125617

– Performance: Electronic Component Research Institute (Korea)

PV/CPV Tracker

· PV / CPV Tracker

* Solar tracking system

* Dedicated Controller / Motor Control

* 6kW, 10kW, 24kW precision tracking system

– Performance: KTL (Korea), Yeungnam University (Korea), Renewable Energy Theme Park (Buan)