Business Profile


Multifunctional Inspection System

· Weld type analysis of front, side, back and GM parts
(large and small)

· Battery failure analysis, including pinholes, burns, whitening, cracks, leaks, and contamination

· Surface analysis and analysis of defect occurrence trend such as being stabbed, scratched and pressed

· Product composition by optical composition, algorithm solution, product size, and tact time

Polarizing Film Inspection Technology

· Applying area camera to inline inspection

· Defect Detection Size (over 300um)

· Inspection of panel-internal defects
(foreign materials, ruptured, etc.)

· Functions to screen potential defects on POL surface

· Layer classification function for detection defects

PAGC Inspection Technology

· Applying high resolution line scan cameras

· Defect detection size (over 300um)

· POL attachment, C/F glass cutting condition inspection

· Panel-exterior condition (Crack, Broken, Chipping) inspection

· 200 mm/sec of inspection speed

· Applying up-and-down direct and indirect optical system (patent registration)

BLU Vision

· Inspection of defects inserted during the process
(foreign materials, scratches, etc.)

· Inspection of sheet fabric defect
(foreign materials, stabbed, stains, wrinkle, etc.)

· Inspection of defects by viewing angle
(30-90° viewing angle)

· Inspection of the over/unassembled of sheets

· BLU exterior assembly inspection (40”~ 46”)

· BLU luminance inspection


3D Measurement System

· Component Inspection and Measuring Device

– Performance : Vitzrocell (Korea)

Laser welding sensor (automobile)

· Laser welding sensor
Distance-measuring sensor for laser welding

– Performance : Hyundai Motor Company (Korea)

Hot-rolled steel warp measuring equipment

· Ability to inspect hot-rolled steel warp status moving with high speed at ultra high temperature

· Applying a method to minimize image distortions caused by water vapors

· Warp status detection specification (± 1mm)

– Performance : POSCO (Korea)

Automotive Parts Inspection

· Auto Parts Cable Inspection

· Inspection after manufacturing auto parts

· Cable characteristic inspection
(high voltage, property inspection, etc.)

· Measurement Inspection (I/V, property inspection, etc.)

– Performance : Commercial vehicle companies of Hyundai Motor Group, partners of Hyundai/ Kia Motors