Business Profile

Automobile & BIO

High End Contact Lithography Equipments

· PCM High End Contact Lithography Equipments
10um of circuit line width
Contact precision < 3um or less
System Control / Alignment / Vision

– Performance : Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Korea)

– Cooperation : Ever Techno

Flexible Display Inspection System

· Flexible Display Inspection System
Micro crack Inspection

– Performance : Governmental project, SDC-oriented (Korea)

Wafer Inspection Technology

· Applying EFEM System

· Applying high precision linear stage
(less than 0.2% of speed ripple)

· Applying high resolution line scan camera

· Applying Color Review System

· Defective detection size (20um or more)

– Cooperation : Ever Techno

BIO Chip Manufacturing System (BIO)

· BIO chip production

* Precision Motion

– Performance : NanoEntek (Korea)