Business Profile



· OHT (Over Head Transfer)
High speed driving, distribution/confluence collision control, curve driving
Vehicle Control and Related Controls

– Performance: Hyundai Card, BOE 11, BOE 7

Logistics System (Stocker, OHCV)

· OHS (Overhead Shuttle)

· OHCV (Overhead Conveyor)

· Index, Conveyer

– Performance: SDC (Korea), Truly (China), GVO (China), Innolux (Taiwan)


· AVT (Auto Visual Tester) System
150 Axis, Sorting, Aging, Inspection, Stacking Function

· AVI (Auto Visual Inspector)

· Aging Tester

– Performance : SDC (Korea), Tianma (China), Oncelltech (Korea)

Foldable Inspection

· Inspection module for foldable display
Inspection module according to folding status and repeatability

– Performance: In-house development